UW: The Most Neglected Community in Upper West[Video]


Students of Kalaxi in Sissala East


Kalaxi Community is administratively located in the Sissala East Municipal of the Upper West Region but geographically found closed to Builsa South in the Upper East Region of Ghana.
The rainy season is here once again
The rainy season though supposed to be a blessings to every farming community unfortunately, it is a mixed feelings of both nightmare and some-what a blessing for the people of Kalaxi most especially, school children in Kalaxi Community.

They have to on each day cross a big River (River Kunkuno) on a rickety canoe to and fro school.
Safe arrival from school is a miracle to them and their families.

For this perilous journey to school each day, majority of the children of school going age idle in the community upon one’s visit any time since some can’t afford to risk their lives.
In the interim, two known Philanthropist Sanda Kodimah and Godwin Baveru Kanton have arranged for life jackets to support and encouragement both students and community members to under take their daily activities by way of commuting over the river as we gradually get to the peak of the rainy season and the river will be full to beam.
Below is a video of some of the school pupils navigating their way home after school.

On this note, I appeal for little support (fuel )to enable a team get to Kalaxi and hand over these life jackets for use since this is the time the intervention is desperately needed.

Source: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu

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