Traditional Stool

This stool used to be the preserve of most aged persons in the various homes within the Sissala area of Upper West Region.

It is carved out of big wood and hence designed for its purpose.

Those aged who owned these stools were seen as people covered and protected by the ancestors to live for a long period of time. Whether this is a myth or a reality it’s yet to be established by researchers.

They sit on it on ordinary days, when bathing, and sometimes even attending to nature calls.

This particular stool on display during this year’s Gandawii Nabahilme Festival at Sorbelle community in the Sisaala West District of Upper West Region belongs to late Benin Tonie Gbene.

And according to oral history, it has lived over 8 decades or 80 Years.


By: Ayamga Bawa Fatawu/Visual Story Teller

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