Traders in the Wa market say they are not satisfied with President Akufo Addo’s recent Nation’s Address on the current economic situation.

They said they do not have hope that things are going to get better anytime soon saying that, the economic hardship is becoming more severe in the country and they are finding it difficult to survive.

The President, on Sunday, addressed the nation to explain the raft of measures his government will be taking to see its way out of financial turmoil, including measures to support domestic production.

Following the address, a section of Ghanaians took a swipe at the President over what they described as his lack of concrete steps to tackle the economic situation and also to dismiss some of his appointees through the address, and it is not different from what the traders in Wa have observed.

A trader, who identified herself as Don’t Rush, in an interview with Info Radio at the market on Wednesday, expressed her dissatisfaction with the president’s speech.

She said the president is punishing Ghanaians a lot and is not performing his duties as a president.

She said due to the economic hardship women do not have jobs and pleaded with the president to reduce the prices of goods and services so that they can feed their families.

Mr Abdullah, a driver at the Wa main lorry station (Kejetia) also showed how unhappy he is concerning the address the president delivered.

He said he was expecting the President to talk about reducing fuel prices and sacking the Finance Minister but the President did not do so.

The driver added that he is much concerned with how the price of fuel is increasing day in and out and thought the President would have given them hope by telling them the measures the government is putting in place to control fuel prices to help reduce the economic hardship in the country.

“As a leader, you have to speak in a way that will give hope to the people under your care, but what the President said, I was really disappointed.

“And looking at the speech there is no hope for us, the President has failed most of his promises,” Mr. Abdullah said.
Meanwhile, the government is seeking an International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout, for the 17th time post-independence, of about $3 billion to salvage the economic situation.

Source: Info Radio

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