The Student Nurse Threatened to Kill

A Student Nurse by Tiktok Name Portable Keera has threatened to take the lives of any patient she faces after completion of her program of study.

The Nurse who spoke Waali indicated that she was forced to pursue a nursing program due to the Monetary value attached to it. She added that she had completed and she is ready to inflict pain on patients and if possible Kill them to make money.

@portablekeera stated on Tiktok, a social media app for sharing videos:
“Ok! I never had the passion to be a nurse but my relatives forced me, fine! I’m to complete my Program of study, once you see me around your health facility, begin to run with your bag for your life else I will kill! You!”.

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One thought on “UW: Trainee Nurse Threatens to Kill Patients in Wa[Video]”
  1. She’s into making funny videos and she’s just making fun. She doesn’t mean it. Stop painting it like that.

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