The Upper West Region has gotten it’s second Television Station after it’s first Audio Visual media house was established about five years ago by a chief of Gbankor in the Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Tumpaani TV was the first TV Station to be setup with it’s Radio Station in Nadowli Township.

The Second TV Station by name Legacy TV Station has its office in Dobile close to Action AID Office, Wa.

The Station can be Accessed through multi TV Decoders with Frequency 12510 Symbol Rate 12500 Horizontal (H).

Lots of cultural Content, music and movies will be shown for some number of weeks on the channel.

The Region has several media platforms including over 20 radio stations scattered across the Upper West Region.

Meanwhile, Chameleon Communications Group Ghana headed by Mr. Mwini Gabriel is also working to bring in a third TV Station by name Info TV into the Upper West Region.

TV Stations will expose our culture, Art, Craft, Challenges and Achievements to the world.

Some Stakeholders have also written to the Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University to introduce a Journalism Program due to the spate at which Journalism is growing in the Upper West Region.

More Details on the Flyer Below:


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