Upper West Regional Capital

The Wa Municipal may be divided Into two Constituencies per demands from some Stakeholders within the regional Capital of Ghana’s 10th Region.

Wa has grown at a fast rate based on comparison of 2000, 2010 and 2021’s Population and housing census conducted by the Ghana Statistical service.

According to the 2000 population and Housing census, the Wa Municipality had a total population of 98,675. The growth rate of the municipality was 2.7% for rural and 4% for the urban.

In 2010, the total Population of Wa was 107,214 based on records from the Ghana Statistical Service.

In 2021, the Population of Wa became 200,672, equivalent to 2 Municipalities or three Districts.

Several people suggested that the Region can be divided Into two Constituencies or two political Administrations, a development that will ensure that Wa Central has a firm and powerful voice in Parliament.

Wa North will mean a section to the North of the Wa-Maase Road whilst Wa South will be demarcated as a section South of Wa-Maase Road.

Wa North May Including settlements such as Duori, Mangu, Zingu, Aahiyao, Kumbiehi, Charia, Wapaani, Nayiri, Kperisi, Jonga, Nyagli, Konjiahi, Sagu, Goli and Degu.

Wa South will also include Kpaguri, Nakore, Tampiani, Chansa, Kpongu, Dandafuro, Kunfabiala, Boli, Dapuoha, Logupori, Busa, Danko,Sing, Bamahu, Kpongu, Gurimuni, Nyugluu, Kagu, Piisi, Kambali.

In 2018, Wa Central had 150 Polling Stations.

The proposal is soon to be backed by a Petition that will be copied to stakeholders involved including the Electoral Commission, Traditional Leaders and Political Leaders.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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