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It is necessary to stay away from poverty but not to avoid those who look poor; they probably need to understand what it means to be poor so that they can put efforts to change their state of wellbeing. In reality, nobody is poor.

The difference between you and those you see to be poor is that they have not discovered the knowledge or secret of living life to the fullest capacity as intelligent and creative beings.

Ignorance has imprisoned them into the cells of chronic inability, want and despair. Evidently what you see in them is self-dislike. Once they have not learned to love themselves they cannot give love to anybody or anything around them and so they tend to cause disorder in the society.

Physical attraction resonates with beauty. To achieve beauty as a force to attract people and resources, order must be put in place in your life. Orderliness creates some internal peace.

As you sit down, whatever that is visible around you is connected to your heart. And because it is connected to your heart, you have to form an impression around it. That impression is feeding into your heart for you to either be happy or worried.

If that object around you is good and impressive, you feel good, happy and peaceful at heart. That feeling that is produced due to your relationship with your environment is emitted or given out to produce the same effect. Bad feelings produced by your current disposition bring more bad feelings.

Source: Ahmed Naeem/Ainet

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