Morris Banaamwine, Journalist

Ace Broadcast Journalist and General Manager of Radio Waa, Mr. Morris Banaamwine has expressed concern with the rate at which Negative and sensitive news Content are taken seriously and shared amongst People faster than Development Stories Including those from Communities and on Development challenges.

Mr. Morris Advocated against rampant Sharing of Negative News by social media Users on WhatsApp and Or Social Media handles such as Facebook he urged people to share Community and Development stories.

“Social Media is the order of the day, previously it was difficult to send information but now we can just send information across media Houses, the worse part is that social media has no restrictions, social media should be able to restrict fake news but its open and one can send it to over 1,000 people in a WhatsApp group within a minute…”.

He also Bemoaned how people patronize human interest stories such as Royal disputes than Development content.

“…Human interest stories go around faster than others, untrue stories, if there is a story about chiefs at loggerheads, people will quickly share such stories but if its about a community such as kpankole and mojoung in need of Water, people will ignore it….”

He Spoke at GBC Radio Upper West on 21st of March, on the Fight against fake news campaign program sponsored by Media Foundation For West Africa in Partnership with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation(GBC).


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