Police Station, Wa

Some Police Officers on duty at Wa Police station night of the 3rd of June 2022 have cautioned some Residents to be weary of their stay in and around the Regional Police station few days after agitations by some irate youth demanding for the release of arrested suspects in connection with a leaked sex video recorded on 29th May 2022.

In a development spotted by Upperwestmedia Team at the station,  the police were engaging in exchange of words between two men demanding to gain possession of their motorbike after they had brought the relevant documents demanded by some officers on duty.

The two residents were told officers in charge of seized motorbikes went on patrol and as a result complainant are not allowed into and around the premises of the station,  one of the complainant demanded to wait in the yard for security reasons due to the sensitive documents in his possession but was told to stay outside the station till officers in charge return,  the complainants resisted to stay outside insisting they came from far,  they were later told by the police that

“We have rules here,  someone has taken your motorbike and he requested for the documents,  you have brought the documents and we have directed you to stay outside the police station and you are telling me[police] that you came from far and that you want to be inside the police yard, massa,  I’m telling you to go out of the station premises..ah!”

Another officer conjoined.
“I was with him here[complainant] and I directed him to stand outside because when regional commander comes inn here…”

Another officer continues
“Ah! regional commander will come and shout on people! and you are here”

Different Officer on Duty..
“Currently you see our behavior has changed and you are trying to tell him that his temper is high,  when we give you commands, you have to obey,  we have pampered you for a very long time now we see that no! We wont pamper you again…”

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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