The Chief Executive Officer of Yelemaalba Ghana Limited, Justin Y. Kantavuuro

Pretrochemical Engineer within the Upper West Region, Ing. Justin Yelvielbayire has revealed why he is unable to produce fuel in Large Quantities in order to bring down prices in the Upper West Region.

In an Interview with Upperwestmedia team, he called for the support of the Dafiama-Busie-Issa District Assembly to be able to secure an industrial space for his petroleum Project.

“Per what I’ll need from the Assembly, an industrial space is key to be able to produce fuel in Large Quantities”.

He also called for interested youth to make plastics available for the work to be successful.

“Some active youth can assist this project with plastics and polythene bags, with that they can earn an income by Making plastic waste available”.

He continued that his aim is to reduce fuel prices by making excess available for the people in Upper West Region and beyond.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelemaalba Ghana Limited.


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