Lawyer Saeed Abdul Shakur, Principal State Attorney

Principal State Attorney, Saeed Abdul-Shakur, has entreated leadership of the national security agencies to help weed-out undisciplined officers.

“We need not to shield any undisciplined officer, but rather weed them out for the sake of society as they constitute a greater threat,” he said, adding that they also contribute to damaging the reputation and image of security services.

Getting rid of uncouth personnel, he explains, will serve as a deterrent to others and also ensure discipline within the services.

Mr. Abdul-Shakur made the appeal at an annual get-together of the West Africa Security Service Activities (WASSA) in Wa of the Upper West Region.

The ceremony, organised by the 10 Mechanised Battalion, Aggrey Barracks-Home of Hippos in Wa, brought together all the security services and heads of departments.

Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, reiterated government’s commitment to supporting the various services to help ensure peace and discipline as well as safety of citizens.

“Government is determined, within its means, to give whatever support is required to ensure that security services are resourced to discharge their duties well,” he said.

“Officers and men of our security services face the traditional challenges to security such as chieftaincy conflicts and political rivalry – which are being compounded by contemporary threats like the recent killings in Wa and activities of violent extremists in our neighbouring countries. Nonetheless, in the face of all these treats, you continue to discharge your duties professionally,” he added.

He therefore commended the security services for their dedication to the region and its people despite obvious challenges.

“If you find any undisciplined officer among the security services, don’t shield them; take steps and weed them out for your own sake and the sake of society,” he said.

For his part, Commander of the 10 Mechanised Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel France Kwasi Gyimah, commended the authorities for their support.

He further called for collaboration among the security services and citizens to ensure that security of the region and nation as a whole remains a topmost priority.

“As we look ahead, I am confident that we will continue working together to ensure the security of our region and nation remains the topmost priority. I envision a future when the security services are united in efforts and cooperation and collaboration are the norm,” he said.

He further appealed for resources to enable the officers’ to discharge their duties well.

Source: BFT Online

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