Mr. Mumuni Sulemana also Known as Senior Abudi











A Senior Citizen from the Upper West Region, Mr. Mumuni Sulemana has indicated that Familiarity Breeds Contempt in a quest to explain why people do not help lately in the Region.

He explained that When someone in Position Assists Another within the Region, in the end, that beneficiary transforms himself or herself to a rival of the individual he/got the opportunity from, as a result, the beneficiaries sometimes discredit and call the person names at some unapproved Environments such as Offices.

He Made the statements during the launch of his book tittled “Golden Pot of Exam Secrets” at the Upper West Regional Library.

He discouraged the practice advocating for a change in the society,

“..they can even disrespect you in front of strangers in the Name of Bawulee Ma or Simpuoma, we all know it’s part of our culture but then we should know where we do that” he said.

He added that some begin discrediting from your background.

“…. Oh we know him, not today, his father was this and that…. His mother was this.. that is how they go about it”.

Mr. Sulemana Was an African Studies Lecturer at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University.

He is also the General Manager of Senior Victory College.


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