I.K Acheampong (Left), Dr. Hilla Limann (Right)

Dr. Hilla Limann’s Short Stay in Office has in a way impacted the Upper West Region positively, previously, several traders from the Western Part of Upper Region resorted to the use of feries as a means to cross over from Bamboi to New Longro through to Wenchi for the purpose of trading, a very Risky activity that resulted in loss of lives and properties in the past.

Several Institutions have been named after the Late former president Limann in the Upper West Region, some of the Include the Hilla Limann Highway, Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University, Hilla Limann SHS.

Bamboi Bridge Photo by: Google

The Bridge project was taken up as part of a Five Year Development Plan premeditated to be executed by I.K Acheampong, a military Ruler before he was ousted and succeeded by Dr. Hilla Limann as president. Dr. Limann executed the Bamboi Bridge Project in 1980 before he left power in 1982.

Built in 1980 by The Cementation Company, the 680 ft Bamboi Bridge replaced the ferry over the Black Volta on the N12 road from Wenchi to Wa, crossing from New Longoro on the south bank to Bamboi on the north. It was listed as one of ten bridges to be built in the Five-Year Development Plan of General I. K. Acheampong’s Supreme Military Council, and was built during the short presidency of Dr. Hilla Limann (1979-81).


Five-Year Development Plan 1975/76-1979/80 Part II, January 1977

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