Nana Mariam

A Young Muslim Lady has revealed why several men have resorted to marrying more than One wife despite the horrendous state of the Economy in the Upper West Region.

Nana Mariam asked the question on social media to get opinions of others.

“What makes a man marry the second Wife… ?”

In a statement seeking to know why

Hawah Yirlim revealed that Men who sit at Ataaya base are Influenced by friends to marry multiple wives.

“When he likes taking advices from Ataaya base”.

According to Mohammed Ibn Al-hassan, they marry more women because of the pity they have for single women.

“Apparently when we see another woman without a husband it hurts us. So we marry add, God himself said we should be kind to one another. We are just being kind.”.


If he is compelled to marry you because he impregnated you (either because of religion or to avoid tarnishing their family name), Don’t consider yourself his wife. He can live with you for years and even make more babies with you without seeing you as his wife.

If the opportunity presents itself, he can take a second wife and damn the consequences.

Those who are restricted by religion from marrying a second wife, will remain with you but will continue to mess around with the ones they admire. You’ll live and die in a loveless and emotionally draining marriage. You’ll keep making fruitless efforts to please him for life.

In extreme cases, some secretly or openly kill their wife. Only a very few accept their fate, move on, and try to manage the marriage till death. BUT they usually don’t find joy in their home.

Sometimes you complain that they are not romantic. The little things that a man does to make his wife happy, you’ll never see them doing, but if you see them outside, especially with a woman they truly desire, they are usually the most romantic men around.

He believes that the only thing that binds you and him is the first pregnancy. You, making him to marry you because you got pregnant, makes you an irritant. Nothing you do pleases him. Even your calling him sweet names disgusts him.

The next woman he’ll bring in is the person he’ll see as his real wife. His choice.

A man sleeping with you is not an indication that he loves you or that he sees you as his future wife. You’re probably not the only person he’s sleeping with.

BOTTOM LINE: LET a man marry you because he wants to, not because you got pregnant for him and he wants to save his face, his parents’ face and to avoid religious sanctions such as losing their privilege as an elder, a deacon, catechist, a knight, church treasurer, which some parents value more than their children’s happiness or fulfilment in marriage.

Be guided.



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