Accident Affects Infant in Ponyentanga

A Young Girls who resides at Ponyentanga with her family has been hit hard by a road accident resulting in both of her legs being amputated.

The Girls was heading for school when the Accident Occured.

Speaking to an Eyewitness, she indicated that the girl was heading to school and in the process she tried crossing the road, in the process she bounced onto the metro mass vehicle and the driver run over her legs. She was Transported to the Upper West Regional Hospital for Treatment.

According to Abdul Walid also Known as A. Walid Jnr. In the Political Spheres has drafted a Notice expressing sympathy for the Affected child and Family.

This picture is a portrait of a young child by name Ophelia in the Upper Region, she was knocked down by a Metro Mass Bus on her way to school. She was sent to the Upper West Regional Hospital and had both legs chopped off to save her life. At this stage Ophelia and her family helpless & needs our support in any form but more especially financially to help them go through the other treatments.

Please call 0542688547 for more info..

The question however is, what role has Metro Mass Transit Ltd- MMT played after causing this poor innocent little girl & famy this pain? And what are they ready to continue to do in support of her treatment and living..(her upkeep, education etc..)?

TV3 Ghana
Johnnie Beresford Hughes

Please intervene and find help and justice for little OPHELIA 😓😓


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