Public Sector workers

Staff of Various District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies will be paid a 20% Neutrality Allowance in the Month of November and afterwards.

The 20% Allowance will cushion their base pay an assist the workers in their daily activities.

Staff of the various Assemblies went on strike to demand for neuturality allowance in Order not to affiliate themselves with political parties.

Meanwhile Government has changed the name of the Allowance to Government Machinery Allowance because there is the perception that all government staff have to be neutral and as a result deserve such Allowances.

Statement from a Staff

“Warm greetings to everyone.
Information reaching us from Clogsag Headquarters and CAGD states that, our 20% Government machinery allowance is ready and will reflect in this month’s validation. We are strictly advised to keep our mouths shut over it while we wait for the implementation of the advanced conditions of service come January 2023. The reason being that, when other unions hear it, they will begin to drag government and this will deley the implementation of our conditions of service.
Please let us do well to keep this between us and our payslips. Bigger negotiations are in the pipeline. Thank you 🙏🙏”


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