A mobile money fraud victim and very promising entrepreneur has called on the general public to beware of cunning people in the society.
Speaking on local radio station, Sungmaale, Mr. Suntaa explained the situation that made him a victim. He added that aside taking trust for granted he lost an amount of GH 5250.
Narrating the development, Mr. Suntaa said the caller portrayed he was heading to the region to perform traditional marriage of his wife and Hon. Zumakpeh gave his number to call him.
Mr. Suntaa who didn’t bother to confide with Mr. Zumakpeh dealt heartily and parted the said amount of money in tranches within 24 hours.
‘ he told me he was going to marry his wife and his car spoilt on the way to Wa. So I should send him money to fix the car and get to Wa’ he added.
The 2017 Ghana Tourism Awards best Pub in Wa CEO was shocked at the strategy used by this fraudster and agreed he took trust for granted and paid the price for his negligence and called on the public to be very alert.
The incident he said thought him a lot of lessons and hardship but was grateful for his life. He was however grateful to the police on their efforts in busting one a fraud boy.
‘ I went to the police and laid a complaint and they collected the fraudster’s number and told me the number was in their check list and he was arrested last Thursday in Tamale’ he added. Mr. Suntaa also called on telcos to beware of the dangers they are allowing competition to affect the system badly. He explained it is unacceptable to allow people to own SIM cards without due process as it better serves the purpose of fraudulent activities.
Speaking to Baba Jamal on the stations flagship program Nosouri Sung, the Accademia encouraged the police to continue to do their work diligently.

By: Kantayir Robert

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