One Nigerian Business Man Has been Rushed to Kumasi For Treatment

Nigerian Shops in Wa were attacked with some goods of theirs looted after a security man was Kidnapped at Noor Ventures close to Wa Technical Institute on 16th September 2022.

Some Nigerian Shops on Dankaplihi Street were attacked with some spare parts taken away by irate youth in the Town.

Nigerian Shops Closed Temporally

Some Nigerians were also attacked and two seriously injured, one was transported with an ambulance to Kumasi for Treatment.

Over 50 shops in Wa have been closed down pending Investigations and stakeholders engagement.

Prices of some goods including spare parts have attracted significant level inflation affecting some consumers in the Town.

Mr. Christian Ikechuku when quizzed if they would choose to leave the town or otherwise, he explained that the shops of their members remained closed since Friday as they await for the advice of the Municipal and Regional Security Council.

“That’s the reason why we’re still at home. Since Friday till now, we’re still at home trying to put things in place. Even today, we had a meeting with our Regional Minister and the DCE (MCE) and after the meeting they also promised that they are going to invite all the security heads for them to look into the matter and after that they’ll now call us back. So we’ll now sit back and wait for them to call us. Until after they call us, whatever they tell us, we’ll now take it from there. That’s when we’ll know whether we can stay or not. But for now, we can’t say anything.”

Mr. Ikechukwu Commended the Police for Giving them protection during the period of attacks.

13 Cases of Abduction and Killings have been recorded in Wa Municipality and Parts of Wa East District from January till September 2022. Several Suspects have been arrested in Connection with the development.


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