Aggar De Designer Returns to Wa

After Releasing a Short video in solidarity with Rashid Anaata on Monday 29th May 2023, Agga De Designer Left town to Safety after series of threats were directed towards him.

The Painter Issued a Statement indicating that Anaata was being Accused Falsely, out of emotions and not  based on any justifications with evidence.

He went further to state that some Journalists were pushing for Anaata to be Jailed out of Envy, he detailed that Journalists aren’t earning up to what Anaata was getting from his cosmetology business.

His comments were seen as obnoxious and harsh, this resulted in several people calling for Agga De Designer’s head in series of comments and reactions in Platforms.

Meanwhile, Agger De Designer has returned to Wa after 4 Days of being on exile.

Some Showbiz Experts suggested Aggar was running from the Grips of the Law but was counseled to return home till Anaata is Investigated.

Sources also indicated Agger De Designer went into the Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency where he was seeking cover from Sympathizers of some 30 girls Reportedly Defiled by Rashid Anaata.

Video of Agga De Designer sitting close to Upper West Regional Police Headquarters has gone viral.

Agger De Designer was seen Near the Bread Stand in Wa.

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