Wa MCE(Left), Mr. Yahaya Sadique (Right)

A Forex Trader and and Entrepreneur within the Wa Municipality, Mr. Yahaya Sadique has stated that several Nigerians Within the Wa Municipality Popularly called Zambarima have no Work Permits yet operate in the Regional Capital. He called on the Wa Municipal Assembly Headed by Hon. Issahaku Tahiru Moomin to address the concern.





Just some few days a go I saw on the wall of Hon Tahiru Issahaku Moomin where pictures of Zambarama business men and their chief paid a courtesy call to his office and I will use this opportunity to advice the revenue department of the wa municipal to expedite action and to up their game in their revenue collection and looking at this Zambarima traders the data I am perusing indicates their number to be in the neighbourhood of 6500 and less than 2% of them are having working permit and I will suggest the municipal should establish a task force whose responsibility will be to design a working permit and identify all non Ghanaian residence in the municipal who are working or doing business in the municipal without working permit , register them and issue them with such permit which is subject to renewal annually or bi annually for a fee of let day ghc500 and you can imagine the amount the the municipal will generate in terms of revenue and even currently those free lance manu and pedicure operators should not be left to operate freely like that because their operations has a dire medical implications and should be checked so with this my little Idea I hope the municipal will take it up.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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