Zule Zule (Left), Rashid Anaata (Right)

An Embattled Paedophile of Wa who is currently on the Run has gone all out on a lady known in Showbiz Circles as Zule Zule for Criticizing his actions of Defiling underaged girls.

Currently, the Tally of Girls Defiled by Anaata Rashid is 30 with some developments yet to be uncovered.

Zule Zule Questioned why Anaata Couldn’t Focus on Mature Girls but rather resorted to Girls that were young enough to be his Children.

Anaata Replied Zule Zule whilst on Regional Exile in the Northern Region of Ghana.

“Zule thank you very much for
insulting me Julie but God know
best let me tell you today is me
tomorrow is you”

Currently, The BAHASS Foundation headed by Mr. Yussif Baba has reported Anaata’s Action to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit for Swift Actions to be taken against the Suspect.

According to reports from the office of the regional state Attorney, the accused paedophile Rashid Anaata was accused of a similar crime in 2016 and was remanded into police custody for 3 weeks before being granted bail when the the victim’s mother was pressured by local opinion leaders to opt for an out of court settlement.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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