Few Weeks after Raphius Amigos Expressed Concerns about stagnant Nature, another Artiste has joined him to express dismay over the attitude of some Presenters.

Expressing his concerns on social media Wednesday 13th of September 2023, the Artiste indicated that lots of Entertainment critiques we have in the Media Landscape of Upper West Region have no achievements to show in their work area, he sited prominent institutions such as BBC, CNN they could have been working for if they were influential enough.

Seidu Davito, a Dancehall Artiste who doubles as a fashion Designer urged industry players to be circumspect in their criticism when it comes to musicians.


People with zero experience, zero achievement, zero knowledge are all talking about the entertainment industry, all in the name of punditry. I blame the lazy tv and radio producers who invite these guys to come on Air and talk nonsense just for the trends.
Anytime you watch a Medical show, producers invite doctors and medical practitioners to talk on issues, because they they take the profession serious.

You invite someone who doesn’t know gbemi about how music is made to come on Air and criticise a musician’s work. The annoying part is when these presenters and pundits call Gh musicians lazy and not doing enough, my question is, you the presenter what have you also achieved in your career ? Why are you not also on BBC, MTV, BET or CNN ? Gbemi… Let’s focus on encouraging and projecting our musicians.

Source: Upper West Media App

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