Another Security Man Found

A Security Man Kidnapped at Star Standards International School on the 11th of September 2022, has been found shallowly buried between Bamahu and Kpongu in the Wa Municipality. The area was same vicinity in which A Security Man stationed at Noor Ventures by name Dakpuli was Kidnapped, Killed and later buried at.

The Abduction of 60-year-old Kwame Mustapha Badigbee at star Standards International School triggered the pulses of his family members who later stormed the school I’m an attempt to attack the staff, the school was closed down afterwards.

Checks at the security Man’s place of duty Revealed his mosquito net, bicycle, lazy chair and other items were taken away, traces of blood was spotted in the premises though some of the blood stains were covered with Sand.

Some volunteers who have devoted themselves to search for the missing bodies of some Kidnapped victims were Supported with a cash amount of 7,000 to support their work.

The Body has been deposited at the Upper West Regional Hospital for Preservation and Investigations.

The first security Man was found between Kpongu and Bamahu on 19th September 2022.


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