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A new video has begun circulating and people came have enough of the ‘below 1 minute’ going round in some groups.

In the said video with some Girls from the Upper West Region Capital, one was seen singing whilst siting with the other at the background, the lady at the back dropped her cloth resulting in some b**B’s popping up, this has resulted in the video getting enough shares to boost their Tiktok followers and account Ranking. The video was shared on Tiktok handle with name @User4103173996097.

Leaks have become more interesting and the last leak to drop was from Jirapa with a lady exposing part of her top flesh to the social environment.

There were some controversies later after which the individual involved in the circulation was called to order, however girls have been cautioned not to take nude videos of themselves in the bid to trend.

Some Girls in the Region have also been sharing their nudes with white men online to make some quick cash, these supposed white men are purported boys from the region using some fake accounts in a bait to get some of these girls into the act.

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