Sokpayiri eletions Postponed

Assembly Elections in the Sokpayiri Electoral area in Wa in the Upper West Region could not come off as planned as the Electoral Commission (EC) failed to present voting materials to the electoral area.

Aspirants in the Sokpayiri electoral area in Wa in the Upper West Region earlier threatened to sue the Electoral Commission of Ghana because they thought the EC had suspended the elections in the area at the eleventh hour without prior notice.
Sokpayiri electoral area is the only area in Wa where the assembly elections were not held.
Speaking to Atinka FM’s Regional Correspondent, Ahmed Abubakari Saanyuo, in an exclusive interview Upper West Regional EC Officer, Osman Ali explained that the ballot papers for Sokpayiri electoral area were not received and that the issue has been reported to the head office in Accra.
Asked when Sokpayiri Electoral area is likely to go to the polls, Osman Ali stated that the ballot papers are being printed in Accra and that elections in the area will start as soon as they EC regional office receives the papers.
“If it arrives today, we will start voting immediately. But if it arrives late, Sokpayiri Electoral area will elect its assembly members tomorrow”, he said.
Electorates in all 16 regions of Ghana are currently in queues at the various polling stations to elect Assembly and unit committee members.
This members of the assembly, when elected, will steer the affairs of the assembly for the next four years.
Popular among the candidates contesting for this year’s Assembly elections is the famous, “Aponkye”, contesting at the Adukrom Nima electoral area in the Ashanti Region.
Aponkye whose real name is Nana Adabor Ibrahim Issah Ampim has promised among other things, free breakfast and free Bio-gas Toilets for all electorates when voted into power.
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