Assembly Member for Nayiri Fifamuni Electoral Area Hon Minkailu Yakubu


Assembly Member for Nayiri Fifamuni Electoral Area, Hon. Minkailu Silimba has utilized waste Materials in the environment by converting them to create useful daily resources for use by people in the Wa Municipality.

He hopes to extend his works that seek to save the environment from plastic waste to other parts of the country.

Mr. Minkailu’s works include student bags and sandals. Speaking to Upper West Media Team, He advocated and appealed for stakeholders to come inn and support his works to grow and be useful to individuals and the environment.

3N Silinba Waste Utilization GH is an eco-friendly social enterprise located in Wa Municipal, Upper West Region aims to collects plastic waste inorder to divert plastic waste from been dumped at landfills by transforming the plastic waste into valuable resources using circular economy approach. We produce variety of products ranging from bags, sandals and many more. Our products are quality and affordable are environmental friendly. Purchasing our products means you are helping to reduce plastic pollution and helping creating jobs opportunities for the youth. All our products are made in Wa. For further information Contact 0244804369.

He is a Computer Engineer and Pursued information and Communication Technology at Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University formerly Wa polytechnic.

Source: Upper West Media App

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