Ibrahim Hafiz was Allegedly Shot by Police on 17th of September 2022

A 14-Year old boy by name Ibrahim Hafiz, A Primary Six Student of Wa Kabanye Model School was reportedly shot by a Police officer on his way from the mosque on 16th September 2022.

He was returning from the Mosque when the Unfortunate Occured.

Father of the Victim, Ibrahim Dalia Firibu has expressed concern with the development stating that they feel neglected.

The Left Leg of Ibrahim was amputated at the Upper West Regional Hospital after the the Victim was rushed to the Health facility for treatment.

Family of the Victim have called for the Interior Minister, Lawyer Ambrose Dery to Independently Investigate the Issue and make recommendations through Parliament.

According to the Victim:
“I went to the mosque and in the process of my return, I was hit by a stray bullet, I became unconscious and later woke up at the hospital.”

Dr. Robert Amesiya explained the state of Ibrahim’s Health, he explained that efforts were put in place to maintain the leg but test revealed the leg died off so they had to amputate it below knee to save the victim, he suggested the victim can use an artificial leg to support mobility.

He concluded that psychologists have been communicating with the Victim to prevent him from being downspirited.

On 16th of September 2022, Some irate youth attacked shops belonging to foreigners mostly Igbos and made away with several spare parts and gadgets, the reason for their acts was that they suspect those foreigners were behind Killings and abductions in Wa. Two Igbos were attacked physically with one admitted at the hospital.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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