Raphius(Left) Back 2(Right)

Popular and vocal Rapper within the Spheres of the Region by Stage Name Back 2 has released a message on his social media pages to support a fashion investment set up by Raphius Amigos in Wa Municipality.

He advocated for more support for his works in a post he released on 29th of October 2022.


“Your number one stop shop for all fashion needs. All in one fashion! Quality at affordable prices.”

Back 2 and Raphius at enjoyed to be rivals in the Entertainment Industry for over 6 years.

Raphius Amigos Launched his All in One Fashion House also refered to as Dondoli Dubai on the 25th of October 2022 few withmters from Petrosol Fuel Station in Dondoli with Support from several Stakeholders including Former MCE of Wa, Hon. Nuhu Patiaha, Mr. Yussif Baba, CEO of BAHASS Foundation, Don Ratty, Dancehall Musician etc.

Back 2 has released several songs including Rebirth , Nangbanyeni, Pogesara Viela featuring Badingu.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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