Flood in Kumbiehi

A Heavy Rainfall Recorded in Wa on 29th of June 2023 has destroyed some properties and rendered some people homeless.

In Wapaani, some roads were blocked after some trees were uprooted within the enclave of Catholic Education Unit per reports gathered by Prince Daud Katouri, a journalist with Mass Media.

There was Overflow of Water in parts of Kambali and Kpagu with some shops flooded.

Also in Kumbiehi, Roads were overshadowed by rain water and as a result, a young man within his teen ages fell off his motorbike and nearly got overpowered by the waves of water. He was able to swim out after falling into the ditch as onlookers shouted for help.

Several people blamed the magnitude of flood on the rate at which people build on water ways, they advocated for the Wa Municipal Assembly to be on the lookout in that regard.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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