The Driver missed his direction at the police Roundabout

A Long Commercial Vehicle partly White in color with registration number 11- HG -3352 BF missed it’s way at the Police Round About through to Wa Municipal Assembly stretch.

The driver who was only fluent in French indicted he was heading to Kumasi, he added that the road to Wa Municipal Assembly rather got him confused because it appeared straight per directions he received in Burkina Faso. The Incident Occured on the 13th of August 2022 at 10pm.

Some Eyewitnesses who saw the development Explained that several vehicles had missed their way whilst heading to Kumasi or Hamile, several drivers have been receiving direction from Fire Officers close to the Police Round about.

The driver has since been given directions back to the Wa-Sawla Road through the nurses quaters to continue his journey.

Eyewitnesses suggested that the roundabout is too large and covers most parts of the road.

Several International Drivers Including Malian and Burkinabe Drivers have expressed worry about the Oversized Roundabout close to the Wa Police Station.

The international drivers complained that the roundabout has misdirected them to different places such as the Wa Forest and Community Vocational School, it has also resulted in several drivers losing significant parts of their vehicles Including tyres.

Watch Videos of Such Instances at the Roundabout.


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