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Every young man today needs at least a permanent room in their name before marriage sets in mind, women

many not necessarily need their own houses but it’s a previladge to have a room.

Per Upper West Media Team’s Consultations, most youth in the Upper West Region rush into marriage without thinking of Building a simple room for their unborn offsprings to grow safely without Social stress and insecurities.

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Can Ghc50,000 Build Two Simple Rooms in Some Parts of Wa Municipality, let’s analyse the facts.

One can get a plot of Land at Ghc7,000 in some areas within Wa. We have Ghc43,000 Left.

According to a Building Expert, to Build a Normal Single Room, one Needs a Double Trip of sand preferably from a double axil tipper truck, it’s expected to cost Ghc1,500, you need Stones as well which will cost Ghc800. One also need to mould at least 500 blocks and the best type of cement for such is the 42.5R standard type of cement.

A bag of cement is Approximately Ghc88 in Some Parts of Wa and to mould 500 quality blocks you need Ghc1,760 to afford 500 blocks. Moulding 25 blocks with one bag will cost Ghc15 meaning to mould 500 blocks with 20 bags you need Ghc300 to pay for workmanship. A Mason Takes Ghc100 for a day whilst a supporting worker (laborer) takes Ghc50, to build you room in a two days, you need three Masons and 3 Laborers. A Mason works on two bags of cement in a day.

This means spending Ghc300 on Masons and GHC 150 on Supporting Workers(Laborers), making it Ghc450 in a day and Ghc900 in Two Days.

A Pocket of Zink is Approximately Ghc1,400 and you need two packets making it Ghc2,800.

Iron Rods, At least Ghc50 for one and 20 will cost Ghc800.

Wood, 2by6, one costs Ghc75 and you need 25 for a Single Room which is Ghc1,875.

Fill the room with Sand, you need a trip of sand from same double axle tipper truck which will cost Ghc1500.

A Mason will organize the floor with at least 3 bags of cement which will cost Ghc264(Ghc88x3).

Connecting to the GRID: You Need some VRA Officers to come over and Assess the place, it’ll cost nothing till there is the need to buy some electricity poles over distance.

A Simple Door according to a carpenter costs Ghc280 and a Window, Ghc190, making a total of Ghc470.

Other Necessities

Water for the Work will cost Some cash not more than Ghc300 and with roofing nails expected to cost Ghc240.

Sub Total: This will all Autosum up to Approximately Ghc13,509 to Build a Single Room, this means to build two Rooms you’ll need to multiply the Total Sum by Two making it Ghc27,018.

This Means one Can Build a Simple House with Less than Ghc50,000.


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