Price of Cement Down in Some Shops

Price of Cement had skyrocketed in the past two months from Ghc50 to 67 and the development was attributed to the fall in value of the Cedi.

The Dollar had appreciated marginally compared to increase in price of Cement. A Dollar in April Sold at Ghc7.00 but currently sells at Ghc 7.83 according to some International Banks in Wa.

Price of Some Cement Products including SOL, SAFE Cement have dropped in some part of Kambali from Ghc61 to Ghc59 a Difference of Ghc2.
Some Shops on the Dr. Hilla Limann Street, Wa-Bamahu Road Currently Sell at Ghc58.

Meanwhile some products such as Dzata has maintained prices at Ghc67 with a Retailer by Name Cletus Jatoe explaining that the Price is as a Result of the compatibility and standard Which 42.5R, different from 32.5R.

Meanwhile, some Stakeholders ahve attributed previous price hikes to increase in Demand for Cement.


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