Wa Central Prison

The Wa Central Prisons Command says feeding for inmates is woefully inadequate and has set up a garden to supplement the feeding process.

This was disclosed by the Commander of the Prisons Service, Assistant Director of Prisons Joseph Damolbil Miyella in an interview with Info Radio.

He said the inmates depend on GHC1.80 for a three-square meal a day which he said was very inadequate, especially in these times. He said the Command, thus sets up a garden to cultivate vegetables to supplement the feeding.

He said the Prisons Service used to farm at Baayiri but that the tractor it had, had broken a long time ago and the farm is no longer cultivated.

He said if the Service had another tractor, it would go back to the farm.

ADP Miyellah further lamented over inadequate and in some instances, lack of training materials and tools for some of the prison’s industries.

He cited that the fashion industry has no sewing machines and officers had to use their own devices for the training of inmates.

He said the situation is adversely affecting the reformation and rehabilitation mandates of the Services.

Source: Info Radio

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