Alhaji Toyiba Mahama, Chairman of Upper West Sachet Water Producers Association

Chairman for Sachet Water Producers Association, Alhaji Toyiba Mahama is contemplating resigning from his position over issues of sabotage within the association.

According to the chairman, some group of people have gone round using his name in disrepute, he added that some group of people forged his signature for their own personal interests, a Development he thinks is a dent on his reputation and the association’s reputation.

A week ago, a group of people travelled to some Sachet water Producers threatening to lock their plants and also to charge them Ghc1,000 if they fail to sell a bag of Sachet water at Ghc5, I was later discovered that the letter was forged after Communicating with the Chairman of the Association.

“I have to resign, sit down cool and do my business, it’s then that you’ll see a lot of things, sometimes you use your reputation to protect certain things because the community is ours, nobody can come from somewhere to better our community for us, ‘repeats caution in Waale’, if you are contributing your quota and people don’t see it you’ll have to withdraw, country broke county no broke we dey inside, I believe I’m doing well, I’m supporting this business well and I will not agree for anyone to do whatever”.

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