Salifu Sabogu, Chairman of Upper West Regional Tricycle Riders Association

Tricycle Riders Association have maintained that their charges were not Reduced because of two Developments in the Region including high prices of Spare parts and Engine oil.

The Chairman, Mr. Salifu Sabogu added that fuel prices were down but not stable and as a result they believed Reduction would have affected their Businesses.

He Assured Upper West Media Team that they will be holding meeting along the week, specifically on Friday, 6th January 2023 to deliberate on possible Reduction in fares.

“We are meeting Currently, as I speak now, some of the riders called to discuss the issue with me, so on Friday, usually every first Friday of the Month, we sit to take such important decisions, all riders travel to Different destinations so we have to communicate, the decision can’t be taken by a single Individual…”

He concluded that the association was working in the interest of Customers and as a result will work to serve them with moderate and Affordable charges.

Price of Patrol Patrosol Dropped from ₵12.7 to ₵11.9.

Transport Companies in December 2022, Reduced fares by 15.3% after fuel prices dropped significantly.

The Dollar has also dropped significantly in value trading at Gh₵10 in some Banks within the Upper West Region.


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