Forestry Commission, Wa

The Forestry Commission has issued a Statement at an entry point of the Wa forest cautioning people Against dumping refuse and openly defecation in the forest.

At an Entry point close to Wa Municipal Model School, it’s written:

“Forestry Reserve, Keep Off!!, #No Dumping of Refuse, #No Open Defecation, Offenders Shall be Prosecuted”

In the past few days, the caution has not yielded results because more people have continued to openly defecate and dispose off refuse in the forest reserve.

Some refuse that were spotted include left over of building materials such as broken tiles, expired drinks, pop materials, boxes, plastics and other decomposable waste.

Some forest officials who spoke to Upperwestmedia Team indicated they had apprehended some number of people but the suspects pleaded for mercy after they were caught in the act of openly defecating in the forest, they continued that efforts are being put in place to Process culprits for court in the near future in order to detair them from disposing refuse and openly defecating in the forest.

Wa Forest Reserve


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