Labista Comedian

A Comedian within the Spheres of Wa Municipality has expressed worry after some irate youth visited his area of abode to threaten him.

Mr Iddrisu Wiisi Popularly known as Labista was on a program at Info Radio on Sunday 23rd October 2022 and was overhead saying he bought fuel for Dr. Bawumia on his way to Tumu during his tour after he had run shot of patrol  during his tour.

As a way of expressing how stiff the economy is with his funny jokes on Radio, he made the statement without any harm intended according to himself.

The development didn’t go down well with some three young men he couldn’t identify but he admitted they came looking for him but met his naighbors and left a message behind for him.

He concluded that the message he received from his neighbor indicated the men came demanding to see Iddrisu, a comedian who mentioned Dr. Bawumia on Info Radio during the weekend.

He has since expressed displeasure with how the NPP Sympathizers reacted to his comedy.




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