Assembly Member for Mangu, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu

New Abandoned Road Projects Linking Mangu Electoral Area to Dobile and the Wa Airport have been fixed partly by some Residents of Mangu through a Communal Labor exercise Organized by the Assembly Member for the Area, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu.

The Exercise started on the 30th July 2022 between Dobile and Mangu. Several road users on that portion of the road donated some amount of money towards Making the project successful.

According to Hon. Mohammed Sakibu,

“The project was abandoned by a contractor assigned to fix it but due to the significance of the road we have decided as a community to use communal Labor to fix a part of it whilst we wait for the contractor, if you observe critically, we are not just limiting our efforts to working on the Dobile-Mangu road, you realise that during Rainy season our community Mangu becomes challenged when it comes to accessibility of roads, this has compelled us to seek support and thankfully a resident by Name Jallu Supported us with his tipper truck to fill pot holes on the Mangu to Aahiyao stretch, close to the dam, we hope Assembly comes inn to complete the works”.



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