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A Community Elder in Kambali By Name Hamidu has indicated that there are several things within the Spheres of Upper West that can result in one getting struck by lightning.

Firstly, he mentioned Theft as one of the Reasons, he noted that when someone steals from another person and the owner of the property Involved uses the lighting Tradition, the theif is most likely to die as a result of stealing the property.
He added that if someone steals and gives you part of the item or converts it Into money and gives you a portion of the money, you are likely to die from the spell of lighting.

Secondly, He added that, Lightning Can kill a tree that is known to be used for evil practices, some trees are hubs for evil during the night and as a result lightning can be used to end the activities on the tree. He added that it is rare or not common for lighting to kill an animal.

Thirdly, Lightning could be used threaten an individual who is fond of stealing food items from the farm, when a farmer thinks people are stealing from his or her farm, they can use lightning to protect their farm produce, in this situation anyone who steals from the farm can be threatened by lightning, in that instance it doesn’t kill it may just snatch your soul temporally by making the Suspect collapse as a result.

Mr. Hamidu urged people to choose the Law compared to using lightning, he discouraged instant Justice which is the application of Lightning.

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