A Community Elder has finally revealed why lightning killed a female student of UDS Wa Campus Now SDD-UBIDS some years back in Kpaguri.

The student who was killed whilst walking home was struck by lightning behind the then Kpaguri Islamic Health Center an area Popularly called ‘Captain Bimbogu Gbangbali’ few Meters away from Spicy Foodies Restaurant.

Per the Explanation of Mr. Hamidu,

“Yes it happened to a student close to a baobab tree in Kpaguri, it is possible the lady who was a student was Killed as a result of eating something that was cursed or spending a portion of money that was stolen, I personally saw her when lightning killed her at Kpaguri, it’s possible someone stole something and gave her part of it, when that happens you can be killed by lightning, it’s also possible she was walking in the lane of the lightning and as a result it killed her”.

Meanwhile few years back a student of Tender Care Preparatory School was also killed by Lightning on the football field of Wa Technical Institute for allegedly stealing eggs.

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