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Cost of a fried egg has moved up from Ghc1.50 to Ghc2 at several tea joints and fast food joints in the Wa Municipality.

This according to the traders is Influenced by increase in the price of a crate of egg from Ghc25 to Ghc32 at some whole sale shops and from distributors.

A crate of Egg was Ghc18 in November 2021 before it moved up to Ghc24 in February 2022.

Poultry farmers and distributors of Eggs have attributed the cost of eggs to scarcity of poultry feed especially maize and as a result are compelled to increase prices to meet their targets.

Cost of a boiled egg has also shot up from Ghc1 to Ghc1.50 in Sections of Wa whilst a normal egg goes for Ghc1.20


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