Endangered Crocodile in Wa

A Crocodile has been left helpless on the JJ Rawlings Highway in the Wa Municipality.

It was spotted late hours of September 23rd 2022 close to Kambali.

Some Residents of Duori saw the animal and Drew the attention of road users to be cautious in order not to accidentally crush it to death.

Some road users called for the animal to be killed laying emphasis on the fact that it could be dangerous.

Some others opposed the idea advocating for to to be protected. All witnesses numbering 5 agreed to the idea of allowing it to live.

The Reptile has been left to cross over to southern section of the road.

Crocodiles have many different predators, such as big cats like jaguars or leopards, and big serpents like anacondas and pythons. Other predators of crocodiles include hippos and elephants.

Baby crocodiles are especially vulnerable to predators, and they’re hunted by herons, egrets, and eagles, and even wild pigs.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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