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The Upper West Regional Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Ghana (CSIR) has organized farmers in the Wa Municipality to demonstrate modern-day technological methods of farming practices.

Twenty (20) farmers participated in the field the demonstration exercise in Wa on Thursday, September 15, 222.

The demonstration was held to introduce farmers to modern-day technological farming practices that can help them increase yields and benefits in the agricultural value chain.

Speaking to farmers during the demonstration exercise, Dr. Iddrisu Yahaya, an Agricultural Economist, said the introduction of the modern-day technology aims to solve the challenges farmers are confronting regarding to production of farm produce.

Some of the crops they observed include soya beans, beans, garlic, cowpea, millet, Maize, and pepper.

Dr. Peter Quandahor observed that farmers were challenged regarding the change in climate and pest control which is affecting Crop production worldwide.

According to Dr. Quandahor, he said moderate warming causes more carbon dioxide in the air which facilitates plants growth, however, the excessive warming also create devastation.

“Research also indicated that server drought also increase the population growth of insect pets.

“Accumulation of insect pest also affects the performance of crops yield,” he intimated.

Dr. Peter thus advised farmers to adopt the practice of modern farming methods although they were used to the old system of farming.

He added that, farmers should also buy improved seeds from CSIR-Savanna Agricultural Research Institute or research centers which are resistant to drought rather than depending on the old seeds they have been using.

Some farmer who participated in the field demonstration exercise expressed their excitement of been introduced to the modern-day farming practices.

They thus urged CSIR to extend the demonstration to many farmers in the region to also benefit from the project.

Source: Info Radio

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