Assembly Member for Mangu, Hon. Mohammed Sakibu

Residents of Mangu Kokoyiri, a suburb of Wa, have expressed fear of a possible fire outbreak and electricity shock over a defective electricity pole in the community.

According to residents of the community, they live under constant fear over a defective high tension electricity pole carrying high voltage electricity which is situated in the community.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, residents expressed worry about the situation and appealed to the Northern Electricity Distribution Company NEDCo to come to their rescue by replacing the defective electricity pole.

Per the account of the residents, the said high tension pole is cut underneath , leaving the cables to be holding the pole still. According to them, in the event of high winds, the entire high voltage cables could come down and cause massive havoc to residents of the community.

The community members have therefore called on VRA/NEDCo to immediately come to the aid of the community by replacing the defective high tension electricity pole to avert any unforeseen calamity.

Mr Abudi, a resident of Mangu Kokoyiri speaking to Info Radio indicated that, the defective high tension electricity pole has been on the same condition for over three years, and said, several complaints and reports to the staff of VRA/NEDCo for its replacement did not receive any action.

According to him, staff of VRA/NEDCo promised to come to the community to replace the defective electricity pole , but failed to show up .

Source: Info Radio

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