Victims of Defilement

The Chief Executive Officer of BAHASS Foundation in the Upper West Region, Mr. Yussif Baba has expressed concern with the Rate at which Defilement has become rampant in the Wa Municipality lately.

Speaking to Mujeeb Rahman of Radio Mak on 25th May, Thursday’s Edition of Maaliyiri Program, Mr. Yussif Baba Explained that the Issue though wrong will not properly be investigated due to the fact that, Tribalism and Religious Favouritism will play a key role in the Development.

He Continued that since the Issue occured and became a trend on Social Media, he has not seen necessary steps being put in place to report the Issue to the Ghana Police Service.

“..we have seen people on Social Media Advocating this but no individual has taken issues up to report to the Police,we only talk too much but when it comes to action, we have no leaders, if you take this issue up, some political groups may come out to defend the suspect, some other people will factor inn religion and tribalism, which is very bad, I saw people discussing the issue on three platforms, none of them has taken steps to report the Issue to police…” Mr. Baba Said

He continued that he knows all the victims involved and can aid in investigations. He also condemned how people defend crime suspects by visiting the police station to defend them.

“…when such unfortunate things happen, people rush to defend the suspects by visiting the police station to grant them bail, that’s uncalled for…”

Three underaged girls were reportedly defiled by a beautician popularly known as Rashid Anaata, According to the victims, he has had carnal knowledge of them on several occasions.

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