Sumani Abu(Left), Spraying Machine (Right)

Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University has displayed publicly, some of their inventions and research works that will go a long way to salvage several institutions and individuals from industrial and social challenges.

During the Exhibition on Wednesday 9th August 2023, a Past Student of Mechanical Engineering Department engaged Upper West Media Team in an Interview and explained how a Spraying Machine could save Farmers from Stress and Health Complications that may occur as a result of spraying the farms with weedicides carried on their backs.

Spraying Machine

Mr. Sumani Abu, an immediate past Student of the University’s Mechanical Engineering Department Explained that the Machine can be pushed around the farm in order to spray it without carrying weedicides on the back.

He continued that carrying weedicides by a farmer can result in joint pains and other related health complications adding that the weedicides could get into contact with the skin whist on the back of the farmer and with how poisonous weedicides can be it will likely affect that farmer’s health.

He concluded that the University is ready and willing to produce them in larger quantities in order to supply to interested buyers.

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