DJ Chicago is an Award Winner

The Video Circulating and being purported to be DJ Chicago born Hussein Gogah has left tongues wagging within the Wa Municipality and other areas.

DJ Chicago of Sungmaaale FM has released a video to prove he isn’t the one in the 10 seconds short video being circulated in groups.

He explained that the video was released some enemies to tarnish his hard earn image and reputation.

Several people on the 20th of July 2022 has sighted a video of a man having ‘fun’ with his girlfriend in close door, the man according to several people shares same resemblance with Hussein Gogah.

First Video which lasted 10 seconds Below was the much talked of video purported to be That of DJ Chicago

Temporal Video Removed

Later The Second video which is over 30 seconds confirmed it’s not DJ Chicago but a video from a porn site by name leak tube.

Temporal Video Removed


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  1. Nipa Nye oooooo, thank God my brother is finally released from such mess may ur name be praised hallelujah Amen

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