Prices of Motorbikes have gone up relatively high in the Last 6 months, at least 140% inflation has been realised on most popular brands such as Haojue and Apsonic and 60% inflation on brands such as Luojia.

Currently a Bajaj Tricycle goes for Ghc29,600 at Saana Hakim’s Shop in on the Kambali Highway, the least in town currently based on checks by Upper West Media Team.

An Apsonic Motorking goes for Ghc16,500 at Some Apsonic Distribution Shops in Wa.

A Haojue 110-3 currently goes for Ghc15,000 in some shops within Wa whilst a Luojia Motorbike goes for Ghc8,900 in Some Shops within Wa and Also in Tamale.

Distributors have blamed prices on the Dollar rate, meanwhile the dollar is currently hovering around Ghc12 in forex beraus around the country and trading at Ghc11 at Bank of Ghana.

A Dollar was trading at Ghc14.6 in November 2022 but dropped significantly to Ghc9 in December 2022.

Sales of Motorbikes have gone down within the Past three months with some shops selling at most 1 motorbike in the whole Month, according to the distributors such Developments can trigger a Reduction in prices.


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