The Wa East District Assembly in Upper West Region has for the fourth consecutive time failed to choose new Presiding Member (PM) to steer affairs of the Assembly, raising concernsabout costs and leadership vacuum.

Wa East

The Assembly after confirming the current District Chief Executive,Mr Jotie Moses, on 9 May, 2017and their tenure being elapsed afterwards, the Wa East has been struggling to pick a PM making activities of the assembly sluggish due to the leadership vacuum.

The two contenders – Mr Issah Mohammed Jinpeihinaa, Assembly Member for Loggu Electoral Area and Mr NurideenSuglo, Assembly Member for Bulenga Electoral area – attempt to secure two-thirds of their colleagues’ votes proved futile on Tuesday in Funsi, the Wa East District capital.

The Assembly is composed of 11 government’s appointees and 25 elected members.
Mr AmiduChinniaIssahaku, the Acting Upper West Regional Minister addressing the gathering, charged the assembly members to be “agents of change” as they epitomized the protection and promotion of happiness and wellbeing of their constituents.

He said members of the assembly needed to put in place all the necessary structures to facilitate the growth and development of the area in order to: “Promote the happiness, peace and the welfare of the people.”

“As an assembly you must have a single eye to the welfare of this assembly and its people,” he added:“Put aside your private issues, individual differences, group differences and look at the collective interest of the assembly.”

The Minister who was not impressed about the outcome of the elections and for the assembly failing the fourth time to elect a PMnoted that organizing elections go with cost charged on the Assembly.

He said the assembly generate not enough revenue and yet would have to spend that meagre income on several failed elections on PM, and advised the members to resolve their differences and remain united.

After the last effort on Tuesday to elect PM, the two aspiring candidates got 16 votes each, totaling 32 votes cast, while the remaining four were reported absent.
The Electoral Commission supervised the elections.

By: Ibrahim Wangara

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