Biintenge School in Wa East District

A basic school in Wa East District of Upper west identified as Biintenge Methodist Primary School has called for support from the Wa East Assembly, Education office and the Public.

The School with over 100 pupils have crowded classrooms with broken down furniture, compelling students to sit on the bare floor to study.
This has caused worry as students are prone to certain infections and airborne diseases due to the contacts of children due to overcrowding and pairing of few desks.

The school’s Administration explaining to Upperwestmedia Team in a conversion suggested they were able to maintain the few chairs through some little contributions made by the teachers but due to the overcrowding and pressure on those few desks, the condition returned.

They called for the Wa East District Chief Executive Hon. Moses Jotie to come to their Aid adding that other volunteers and sympathizers of education can come to their aid as teaching learning has come to a standstill due to lack of concentration from students. The management of Biintenge Methodist Primary School added that the school’s walls have development cracks with the doors and windows wearing off making the classrooms host of reptiles and and other wild insects, they concluded that the walls could collapse if maintenance is not done.


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